Parents know their children – their unique talents and needs – and having a God-given responsibility for the education of their children. For years YKCS has offered parent-directed home education to our community. While there are programs that are bigger than ours, we believe that there are benefits to being local.



Our homeschool students are able to join our sports teams (Jr. and Sr. High), come to chapel on Wednesdays, and attend our elementary track and field event. Some value-added opportunities we provide to our homeschool families will include:

  • Access to the curricular resources of the school and our library.
  • Ability to book our gym for homeschool-based purposes at scheduled times.
  • Facilitator-organized social events such as picnics.
  • We have a great facilitator – who is an Alberta-certified teacher meaning you will get the support you need.



Every family is different and circumstances change. Some families have, after homeschooling chosen to transition their children to the brick-and-mortar YKCS building, while others, may transition their children from the building to homeschooling. It is our honor to support families according to their needs and the needs of their children.




Yellowhead Koinonia

Christian School

430 72 St. Edson,

Alberta, Canada.

T7E 1N3

Phone: 780-723-3850

Fax: 780-723-7566


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