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We are excited about your interest in YKCS and how we can partner with you to educate your children! 


Christ-Centered, Evangelical


At YKCS faith sets us apart. We, as a non-denominational school, draw students from many of our local churches and in many cases our staff attend the same churches as our students.


We are blessed to provide a safe, loving, and disciplined educational environment where your child can flourish academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically we believe that Christ calls us to bring all these areas of life into submission to Him and, in relationship to Him we will thrive according to each of our unique needs and gifts.





As an accredited school, students graduate with an Alberta Diploma and we are accountable to Alberta Education to maintain the academic standards of the province. Our teachers are certified, having teaching degrees, and a number have significant credits from Bible Colleges as well.

With generally small class sizes – our student to teacher ratio is typically around 15:1 – students are able to receive significant amounts of personal attention such that with nurturing and structure, your child will learn the self-discipline, biblical values and skills essential for success in life.

Many of our students continue on to Bible and technical colleges, universities, while some go directly into the workforce upon completion of high school.




Though we do have to charge tuition to make our budget work, compared to other private schools in the province we charge well below the average. At the same time, we never want finances to be a barrier to families receiving the education that they desire for their children.  As a result we are able to provide needs-based scholarships.



Family Partnership

Education at YKCS is a partnership; we are committed to working with parents and guardians because parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children. A school will not be successful in the formation of students if its goals are out of sync with what is happening at home and, as such, we see our role as supporting what parents want for their children academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

We are a parent directed school with a school board filled by a majority of parents who set the priorities for the direction of the school.



Contact us to schedule a day to come check us out our facilities, programs and community in person whether during school hours (9:00 am – 3:00 pm) or after school.


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Yellowhead Koinonia

Christian School

430 72 St. Edson,

Alberta, Canada.

T7E 1N3

Phone: 780-723-3850

Fax: 780-723-7566


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