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Our Mission


Yellowhead Koinonia Christian School is a Christ-Centered discipleship school that exists to assist Christian families in developing the spiritual lives and academic potential of its students.



Values and Characteristics



Koinonia is the Greek word often translated as community or fellowship. God made people to live together and we are committed to being a community that lives and learns together according to the grace and joy we have received in Christ as the children of God. As people learning in koinonia our lives are turned outward such that each person, being wonderfully different, having a unique, God-given place in their community and world. We affirm the glory of each person according to their distinct likeness to Christ and as such each student is encouraged to grow ever more intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually to embody the glory of love of God to each other and society around us.



Our faith is centered on God who loves and in love revealed Himself to people in many different ways throughout history. As an evangelical community we believe that tradition, reason and experience are essential to understanding God and life. More than each of these those, the Bible is the primary way that God currently is revealing Himself and His will to humanity and is the rule of faith as the Spirit leads us in understanding it.



God created all things good and glorious according to His creative wisdom. Though marred by sin, Christ, our perfect teacher and exemple, shows us that humanity, culture and creation are to be redeemed. This is the mission of God’s people as they are led by the love of Christ and the power of the Spirit. Joining God in His mission to redeem His world requires that we come to know what it means to live humbly and seek justice as we manifest God’s love for His whole creation.



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Yellowhead Koinonia

Christian School

430 72 St. Edson,

Alberta, Canada.

T7E 1N3

Phone: 780-723-3850

Fax: 780-723-7566



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