Joshua Claassen

Administrators - Principal, Teachers - Secondary Science, Social and Bible

About Me

I have a love for philosophy and believe that a good education should encourage people to carefully think about what is good, true and beautiful so that they can pursue these things. The Trinity is the greatest good, truth and beauty itself. All the good things that we find in life are merciful gifts from our Father of Lights. Consequently a good education should lead people to know and love Jesus and to make Him known among the nations because He is our Justice, our Peace and our Joy and He desires to be that to all peoples.

By studying science, social studies, and all the other subjects we experience grace and at the same time have opportunity to learn about our God and become better prepared to serve Him in all the wonderful places and circumstances that He has planned.

I am currently working on a Masters of Theological Studies through Tyndale Seminary in Ontario. But most importantly I am married and we have one energetic boy named Silas and a beautiful little girl, Joyce.